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Children of bi-racial parents specifically black and white often don't darken in colour until weeks or a month or 2 after birth. As for features any black person could tell you that the child does indeed look half & half. As for the nappy hair comment take a look at OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown's children, neither of them has really nappy hair. I'm half & half and until the age of 2 I had long straight. silky hair.


I think he's beautiful. And yeah, above poster is absolutely right. My son was the same way.

that's the german version, duh


Babies of African descent are often born with lighter skin and straight, silky dark hair. The hair's not permanent and gradually falls out and is replaced with curly hair, while skin tone can darken significantly over the first several months of life.


I'm glad that we got a lesson on genetics and ethnicity over this article. I think the baby is UGLY, but not as ugly as his daddy!

that's german...


it's ab German magazine, and Heidi is German, TOO!!!
best wishes from there!


You peackerwoods are the ugliest and have the ugliest children !!!!

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