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wow is that real or not.. because i know nicole is pregnant.. but she's gotten big fast.. besides how far along is she.. and if shes like 8 months her baby will probably have alcholo down syndrome hopefully she knew before she was harsh partying.


HA! fake. so i've heard shes pregnant too... but look! her stomach looks stuffed.
this website is shit.


jesus fucking christ. that picture is from the simple life, when they were wearing the pregnant suits. karli, are you really that low that you would wish that upon somebody? i hope you dont EVER intend on bringing children into this world. and what the hell is "alcholo down syndrome" supposed to be? downs syndrome? which is genetic, by the way... or fetal alcohol syndrome? stupid bitch.


wow!she looked like she ate too much food at lunch time!is the baby going to be a girl or a boy?

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